Monday, November 23, 2015

The KLB : POEM: Fool Of Love.

The KLB : POEM: Fool Of Love.: You watched me break hearts
Yet you freely gave yours
Despite the risk that I could break it
You still chose to let me have it
From up t...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Leaders of tomorrow
Voice of the nation
Mirror reflecting the future
Endowed with wisdom by nature
To parents we show obedience
To teachers we express appreciation
Our books we marry
Our future our priority
Our studies our legacy.

But here we are
Slaves to madmen
carted away like hen
from our treasure
our bright future
to the world of agony
handled like rags
To satisfy their fanatic madness

Here we are
numbered two thirty four
or more
waiting to be raped
sold off or rescused

read about our abducted girls

Friday, May 2, 2014


Don't you care?
Lives are ended daily
The state becomes so bally
to live in, the people killed like chicks you rear
Yet you move about in a rally
neglecting your promise to care
You are indeed a wally.

Do you really care?
Students stay at home for
weeks, months over four
The education sector is disintegrating
Yet your beautifulugly children are advancing
their studies in the whiteman's country
You indeed are a wally

I know you don't care
loyal ones are rare
You call yourselves leaders of the country
Yet you swallow our money
and step it down with adultery
while the commoners are suffering
in anguish they are living.

No, you don't care
Nemesis is there to care
for you and your generations who are not here
to see you wear
the garment that will sear
you even to hell.


          Life has many definitions. To some, it is a journey, to some a rag, while to some, it is beautiful. Whichever way, life is whatever you call it. This is so because each definition comes from the perspective it is being seen.
          Life I see to be a vehicle. Merely hearing the title, your imagination is jerked to life. You will begin to imagine a vehicle called life, stream of questions begin to flow in your mind- questions like: 'why is life a vehicle?', 'who then is the driver?'. on and on the questions seems to flow in the inner mind.
           Life is a vehicle. As a vehicle, it accommodates several people from different phases of life, different classes of the society. Before the vehicle jerk to life, people (both the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, the literate and the illiterate, the young and the old) board it, heading to different destinations.
         Also, without fuel, the vehicle can never movr. The fuel serves as its life fluid, just like blood in the human body. Another important thing to note is that even when fueled, it can't work without the direction of the driver. The driver, if experienced, controls the vehicle more gently and observing the traffic laws. On the other hand, a reckless driver will surely bring damages to the vehicle.
        When on motion, every thing moves backward quickly. On the way, it might have to move on overhead bridges. It sometimes find itself in pot-holes and have to pass on bumps. Sometimes it rain, sometimes the sun shine, the vehicle keeps on moving. When driven by the good driver, there is always an assurance of safety, arriving at the final destination in peace and vice versa.
        Analogically, LIFE is the vehicle, GOD is the experienced driver, SATAN  the reckless, HUMANS are the passrngers. THE BUMPS AND HOLES depicts challenges of life. The SAFE ARRIVAL at the final destination depicts success and happiness at the end of our tribulations, IF ONLY WE CAN ENDURE.
          Why not employ that experienced driver to drive your life? Employ HIM today, tommorrow might be too late.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


In the midst of people
He stands out
Definitely gregarious, noticed by the people
Charming, a real one
In the pageant, surely he won
With his girl, he loves to take a time out
like a prince charming He really is.

His face, a full moon
His eyes are nothing
but shining stars
shining so beautiful
Walking in the most charming way
His voice, a seductive note
Little wonder I find him charming
Definitely gregarious, noticed by ME
The prince charming.

written by: Eyitayo Lizzy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Once upon a time
A very long time
In a blessed place
On a blessed day
A precious you was welcomed into
the human race
The whole world filled with joy
'you are welcomed" they said.

Here you are, precious you
now sturdy and elegant
were you not that little boy
of that blessed day?
Time has changed
Days have increased on you.
Today is your day, precious you.

Everyone wishing
Precious you smiling
Friends caring
Precious you happy
It's your day, precious you
Happy birthday, precious you.

                               written by: Eyitayo lizzy
                               dedicated to: Gent2smile
on his birthday.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Sometimes in your life
You might be sad,
lonely, rejected or
downcast oh friend
Do be calm
put on that smile
that you may look younger
smile is the cure
the cure to all situation

Monday, November 25, 2013


Oh! Poor bastard!
The end product of
Shamefully brought
to the world
By his slutty mother
A dog she is
Caressed by that
In an ungodly manner

Oh! Poor bastard
Living a life of
Of not knowing his
So unlucky he is
Never having to know
Love of his parents
So unlucky he is

Oh! Poor bastard!
Traveling for nine
In the womb of a dog
Facing difficulties
Battling with drugs
Refusing to be
I must survive, he
What a poor

I must survive, he
Refusing to be
He enter the world
of shame and pain
Dumped by the
At night
By that slutty
Who refuse to
embrace motherhood
Oh! Poor creature

Oh poor bastard!
Picked up by the
Cared for by the
He grew up to love
the nuns.

Desperate to know
his origin
Who are my parents?
Where am I from?
He asked every now
He embarked on a
A journey of

You can’t be my
You are not worthy
You rejected me
T detest you mother
I loathe you father
I reject you

Now in the street he
Wandering and
Searching for
Oh! Poor creature!
Unlucky creature!
Oh! Poor bastard!



By a corner in my pink-colored room
There lies a long broom
The broom I pick
Oh! This thought makes me sick
Our nation lack this great feature
In unity the broom sticks live
A thick rope binding them
Independently depending on each other
A symbiotic association of
Non-living broom-sticks
United they stand
Separated they fall.

Learn from the broom
My people

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


His glorious throne He left
for this unruly world of theft
A great sacrifice He offered
for the world He suffered
Into this world He was born
The sewage of sin He had to burn
Gifts they brought
His life Herod sought
The erudites swore
Crown of thorns He wore
He died then, though alive
He's resurrected, yes He has
The precious lamb of God has
risen to life
Three days in the grave, yet back
to life
The power of death He has
thrown into the eternal sack
The sacrificial lamb